The highlight was the solo performance of Israeli soprano saxophonist Ariel Shibolet.   With him we find beyond the music an almost
infinite richness of sounds and expression possibilities.

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music education

In recent years I was involved in different projects teaching improvised music to non-musician children.

These projects brought together my two fields of passion and expertise, music and the work with children.

These projects mainly in Germany were documented in video, audio, professional recording and essays.

In 2008 we performed in the great festival for improvised music the "Total Music Meeting in Berlin".

After that I was invited to take part in other projects in 2009 2010 and 2011 teaching improvised music for children in the age of ten to eleven. These projects took place in berlin two years in succession a week each, ending with a concert.

In 2011 we recorded the children. The music was so astonishing that a cd was made and will be published in the well-recognized label for improvised music "Nur nicht Nur"

I was then invited to Berlin to lecture in the Exploratorium on my method for teaching improvised music to children.

An essay describing the work is published in German in a book by the Exploratorium. will be published in English in the near future.

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