The israelis stretch the limits of theire respective instruments' techniques.

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Total Music Meeting

 by Gunther Huesmann

“Musicians who improvise freely took a stubborn bite from the bone of the avant-garde and thereby gained surprisingly a large amount of material. Evan Parker ties his undulating movement more and more to saxophone ballads, surrounded by a growing sovereignty of silence. Pianist Keith Tippet went far in playing the prepared grand piano, and the alternative notes did not sound like a foreign body but rather merged with the piano's flowing resonance.  

The highlight was the solo performance of Israeli soprano-saxophonist Ariel Shibolet. With him we find beyond the music an almost infinite richness of sounds and expression possibilities. Based on Evan Parker, he pushes with joyful playing and abounding imagination polyphonic sounds. He actually improvises almost like a lap top artist, who throws the exact notes to the processor, so that his loops and microscopic attention to the sound construction are varied and never-ending, more han any fashionable electronic act. There is life for the soprano-saxophone after Evan Parker. His name is Ariel Shibolet.”