Shibolet goes through a variety of exercises that put him firmly in the Trane camp. No matter which saxophone-drum
history you think this duo suggest, they have added enough originality to their programs to impress.

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Metal Tube & Consciousness


 Joel Pagier, Improjazz Magazine

 Ariel Shibolet, like Stephan Rivers is continuing the Evan Parkerism legacy and he is partially inspired by the sonic section. He blows continuously and bends the serpentine thread in order to explore the environment of its main and direct trajectory. However he does it in his own way, playing with the various ways to produce sound that becomes music and so he offers us various etudes without submitting himself to simplicity.

The music of Ariel Shibolet varies enough to defeat our old enemy, the boredom. the musician did the work of a poet, and a searcher and like many others in this genre, which is very important to us, choose to say something rather than indulging in a formless but profitable work.

 Metal Tube and Consciousness is a very good improvised music CD recorded by a true artist who does not deny his influences but tries to use them in the right way so one day, new galleries with unknown treasures will be discovered in the open fields of parker, lazaro lacy & co.