The israelis stretch the limits of theire respective instruments' techniques.

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"untitled 1959"

Cadence magazine, Marc Medwin

Revelatory in its concentrated brevity, a new contribution from ARIEL SHIBOLET (UNTITLED 1959, Kadima 9) crosses international boundaries, fusing the best of “new thing” expressionism with European pointillism and hyper-reactive interplay. This is a forty-eight minute series of aphorisms (Untitled [1959] Number 12/ Homage to Matisse/ Number 61/ Yellow, Orange, Red on Orange/ White, Yellow, Red on Yellow/ Light, Earth and Blue/ Ochre and Red on Red/ White Band/ Three Reds/ Blue Cloud/ White Cloud/ Four Reds/ Black, Ochre, Red over Red/ Red, Grey, White on Yellow/ Red, Black, Orange, Yellow on Yellow/ Untitled [1959] and the results are nevetr less than intriguing. Shibolet employs some topdrawer improvisers (Ariel Shibolet, ss; Aurora Josephson, voice; Jen Baker, tbn; Scott R. Looney, p; Damon Smith, b. Oakland, CA, Jan. 8, 2006) and I hope this group will continue on as an active unit, as there is some extremely good playing and interaction here.