Shibolet goes through a variety of exercises that put him firmly in the Trane camp. No matter which saxophone-drum
history you think this duo suggest, they have added enough originality to their programs to impress.

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metal tube & consciousness


Improjazz Magazine, Luc Bouquet

Saxophone soprano solo and improvisation; all of it improvised, the scenario in concrete, the sudden immerging or the shortcut, the daring or the reassuring. It is evidently much more complex that that (cf. Braxton, Doneda, Lacy & Co.).

To each piece its scenario (trills, polyphony, harmonious attacks, accelerations, screeching blows, fusing…) and its variations (continuous whistling, spaces, scrambling, sonic interferences).

The result is brilliant, the contract is respected (between the scenario and its accomplishment), boredom is avoided. Ariel Shibolet is a soprano performer with a rich vocabulary. He knows how to organize, develop and diversify his music. There is no trace of bad taste, on the contrary a richness of sound and absolute control over the effects. This beautiful architecture would have (perhaps) benefited from a grain of sand, this scratching that would oblige the saxophonist to risk his way on uneven and rebel tracks. But maybe this was not the purpose… to be followed…